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Can I Buy Safety Glasses From My Optometrist?

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A man wearing a yellow safety vest and safety glasses at his job.

Protecting your eyes at work is essential, whether on the construction site or in the lab. Safety glasses are necessary for many professions, but where can you find them?

Your optometrist likely carries a selection of high-quality protective eyewear. The benefits of getting your safety glasses from a professional include a proper fit, expert advice for eye safety, and prescription options.

Why Buy Safety Glasses from an Optometrist?

Optometrists provide eyeglasses and contact lenses and can also dispense safety glasses. Alongside an eye exam for your current prescription, your optometrist can properly fit your glasses to meet your visual needs while complying with the safety standards of your industry.

Rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all style, you can get a pair of safety glasses customized to your specific eye care needs. Like your weekend frames, your protective glasses will be unique to you.

Your eye care team can also offer personalized service and guidance, helping you choose the right safety glasses for your profession, environment, and budget.

Types of Safety Glasses

There are several types of safety glasses to choose from, with unique features and benefits.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are customized for your needs. They can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and more. Opting for prescription lenses saves you from wearing bulky styles over your everyday eyeglasses. Your field of vision won’t be compromised, and you’ll feel safe and secure with clear vision.

Non-Prescription Safety Glasses

If you don’t wear glasses or use contact lenses, non-prescription safety glasses are a good and comfortable choice.

Protective Eyewear Features

Safety glasses come in a wide variety of styles for any work environment. Some of the most common features include:

  • Goggles: They provide full coverage around the eyes and are designed for situations with  a risk of splashing, spraying, or flying debris.
  • Side or top shields: This feature provides a close fit in all directions without the tight seal of goggles.
  • Lens coatings: Various coatings are available to improve colour contrast and protect against the elements.
A female employee wearing an orange safety vest and safety glasses to protect herself.

Why Should You Wear Safety Glasses?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a significant role in the safety of workers in various fields, including construction, welding, and healthcare. Safety glasses are a crucial PPE tool, protecting the eyes from hazards that can cause eye injury.

Protection from Flying Debris

Safety glasses protect your eyes from flying debris that can cause injuries. Construction creates debris from tools, concrete, or bricks. Wearing safety glasses or goggles prevents the debris from entering your eyes.

Flying debris is also common in hobbies like woodworking, so protecting your eyes at home is just as crucial as at work.

Protection from Chemical Exposure

Harmful substances, like chemicals, can cause eye irritation or damage to the eyes. Acid or other compounds that may splash into your eyes can cause severe pain, eye damage, and, in some cases, vision loss.

However, wearing safety glasses helps prevent eye injuries when working with chemicals.

Protection from Radiation

Some jobs require workers to work with lighting that emits radiation at hazardous levels, such as welding, soldering, or cutting. Exposure to this radiation can cause severe long-term eye damage.

Safety goggles with a dark tint and specialty protection can shield your eyes from radiation by blocking harmful light rays.

Prevention of Eye Fatigue

When working in bright daylight, glare can cause eye strain and fatigue. Safety glasses can provide protection from glare. Whether driving for long periods or working in a highly reflective environment, anti-glare safety glasses can restore visual comfort and prevent eye strain.

Confidence in Safety

Safety glasses protect your health and safety and set an example for your colleagues. Taking steps to protect yourself demonstrates assertiveness and self-care. Furthermore, wearing safety glasses can make you feel more secure when dealing with dangerous tasks and materials you encounter daily.

Protect Your Vision with Safety Glasses in Calgary

When it comes to protecting your eyesight, safety glasses provide essential safeguarding that shields you from various hazards and incident risks in the workplace. Whether you work in a laboratory, a shop site, or any setting with hazardous environments, it’s essential to prioritize safety by wearing comfortable fit and correctly sized safety glasses.

The eye care team at Eyesis Eyecare can provide the expertise, guidance, and personalized service you need to find the perfect safety glasses for you. Don’t skimp on eye protection—visit Eyesis Eyecare for quality safety glasses.


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