Control the Progression of Myopia

Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems affecting children in the developed world. It has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, especially among younger individuals.

Myopia cannot be cured, but there are several methods to slow down and treat the progression. If you suspect you or your child may have myopia, book an appointment with your optometrist today.

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What is Myopia?

Myopia is a refractive error that affects your distance vision. If your cornea is too steep, or your eye is too long, the focal point falls in front of your retina instead of on it, causing blurry distance vision. Myopia can be corrected using glasses or contact lenses.

Myopia typically becomes worse over time, which means that most myopic patients require a stronger prescription as they grow.

How Can Myopia Be Controlled?

Myopic eyes have frequent prescription increases, especially during childhood. This causes the refractive error to steadily worsen over time. However, myopia can be controlled, slowing its progression and keeping your child’s prescription low.


CooperVision MiSight contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses designed specifically to slow the progression of myopia. MiSight lenses are worn during the day, then discarded each night, providing your child with clear vision while working to keep their prescription under control.

For more information about myopia control, please speak to your optometrist.