Do Not Put Your Vision At Risk

Your vision is your most valuable asset; do not put it at risk. Even a seemingly insignificant impact or scratch could compromise your vision, causing permanent vision loss or even blindness.
At Eyesis Eyecare Center, your vision and ocular health are our top priority.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), over 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries on the job each day, and 90% of those injuries could have been prevented if the employee was wearing proper safety equipment such as safety glasses.

To help you safeguard your sight and eye health on the job, or while pursuing other interests, Eyesis Eyecare Center offers a wide selection of Prescription Safety Eyewear, including Prescription Safety Sunglasses. All of our Prescription Safety Eyewear is made with safety-approved lenses and frames, and we are able to provide direct billing to most insurance companies.

Protect yourself from eye emergencies by investing in the right personal protective equipment for the job.

Our Safety Eyewear Brands

To help you find the right Prescription Safety Glasses to suit your work situation and demands, or high impact hobbies, we offer several high-quality, Z87.1 and CSA compliant safety frames including brands such as Wiley-X, ArmouRx, Uvex, and OnGuard. Our high-quality, impact-resistant prescription safety lenses are Z87.1 and CSA approved with a guaranteed safety stamp and safety thickness.

For more information about what you can do to protect your eyes on the job, please speak with your optometrist during your next appointment.

For a full list of all the brands we carry, please visit our All Brands page.