Your child relies on their vision to learn, so it is critical that they get prescription glasses if they require them.

Children under the age of 18 who live in Alberta are entitled to one complete eye exam, one partial eye exam, and one diagnostic procedure per year, free of charge from the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Your child should be visiting their optometrist at least once per year after starting school. For more information about the importance of regular eye exams, and the Canadian Association of Optometrists’ suggested exam schedule, please visit our Children’s Eye Exams page.

Fashionable & Durable Frames to Suit Your Child’s Needs

One of our most popular children’s brands is Nano Kids. These frames are incredibly durable and are specifically engineered for your child’s maximum comfort, with flexibility and resistance.

To suit your child’s needs, we offer a wide selection of fun and durable children’s eyewear brands.

For a full list of all the brands we carry, please visit our All Brands page.

Affordable Children’s Packages Available

To help ensure your child gets the glasses they require, we are pleased to offer children’s eyewear packages, starting at just $149 for both frames and lenses.

Is Your Child Hard on Their Glasses? We Offer Lens Replacement Warranties!

To help ensure your child’s vision stays clear, without the constant need to purchase new lenses, we are pleased to offer comprehensive lens warranty packages for children experiencing frequent prescription changes or for those who may require frequent lens replacements.

We Support Eye See…Eye Learn

We believe that no child should suffer from poor vision simply because of financial constraints. To help ensure all children start school with the tools they need to succeed, Eyesis Eyecare Center is proud to participate in Eye See… Eye Learn.

This revolutionary program is aimed at children in junior kindergarten and provides a free pair of glasses (lenses and frames) to any child who might otherwise go without. For more information about Eye See… Eye Learn, and how your child can participate, please speak to your optometrist during your child’s next appointment.